Le Bam Studio Wedding Planning Services

Le Bam Studio wedding planning services represents our couples interests in finding perfect venue, negotiating the best rate, and coordinating all-inclusive packages if needed based on custom vendor selection. An all inclusive wedding planner in Atlanta with professional coordination recognition that comes with more then over 10 year experience of running our own venue. We are also known for our beautiful wedding ceremony and reception decor. We include custom bouquets and custom fresh flower centerpieces in all our planning and decor packages. We truly believe that the search for a perfect wedding venue should start from hiring the right wedding decorator and planner or wedding planning service who will find the best option for you based on the budget, look that you are going for and guest preferences. It is a key to success to start hiring designer and wedding planning service before you sign a contract with the venue. Le Bam Studio wedding planning services and wedding design can not only recommend better options but also save you money! Sometimes the height of the ceiling, lighting of the room and colors of the walls and the floor will be far from the look that you want to achieve and the picture that you really liked on Pinterest and reality of the venue attributes are very different. This is why it is very important to hire a well-known and experienced designer to prevent mistakes like that. Venues normally do not come decorated and are merely a canvas for a creative wedding designer and efficient wedding planning services. Some of them have very unpleasant visual characteristics that will be obviously seen on your pictures. Most common request from brides is to drape the entire ceiling to hide exposed pipes. Brides are very surprised to learn that ceiling draping is a very expensive service that will require a large team, materials and time which venues normally do not provide to us except for 3 hours standard time frame before wedding starts. All these factors are very important to know when you decide to go with a venue that does not have beautiful ceiling and lighting already.