All Inclusive Wedding Planner In Atlanta

A wedding planner in Atlanta is a challenge to find if you are looking for a true professional. Our planning team has a broad experience from planning over a decade of weddings. All inclusive weddings remain popular in Atlanta due to the convenience factor for the brides, and their family. Our all-inclusive packages are managed within the Le Bam Studio planning team, and remain number one in popularity. An easy step-by-step guide is customized to your case. Our wedding planner will set up a meeting once you sign up. Wedding planners in Atlanta are often represented by inexperienced people who’ve never truly ran a “show” in it’s vast complexity. Le Bam Studio looks at planning in the big scope, with the full compliment of the wedding, in addition to bringing your vision to life.


Wedding Planner With A Plan For Excellence


Our wedding planners care about the bride, groom, and their family’s comfort. Facility, crew, and vendor management, along with product quality, are all part of what leads to a successful wedding day! We only work with wedding venues that have an excellent reputation, and an efficient internal management team.

Our planning team works closely with on-site captains. We ensure the set up of furnishings are done according to the lay out designed by the studio wedding designer, and make sure all necessary equipment is in place. We will make sure all vendors are on time, and have precise instructions. From the DJ, Catering, the wedding cake, the vendors, band and others. Our planners will have an Executive server in place to tailor to the Bride, Groom, and immediate family to make sure they have food, and beverage readily available to them. We not only care for the facility choice, but makes sure everything runs smoothly and successfully the day of your wedding!